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2000 “Wallpaper” UK May.


2000 ”Heinze Baudokumentation / Heinze building documentation ”, Germany.


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2000 “Compositional Transport Structures between Serialization and Individuality: the EXPO Urban-Rail Platform for the D-South line in Hanover”, sole author, PLUS with additional tectonical drawings, June


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2000 Beton 10/2000, (Wartekuben mit Ziegelhaut/waiting cubes with pebble-skin), (architectural pre-cast with pebble surface and architectural precast,EXPO train stations),Erkrath/Germany, October


2000 Licht/Light 10/2000, “Nicht nur Licht für Hannovers Bahnen / not only lights for Hannover´s trains," (EXPO train stations), Munich/Germany, October


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1999 Bauwelt,(EXPO train stations),Berlin/Germany, October


1999 DBZ, “Panorama” (EXPO train stations),Gütersloh/Germany, October




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