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2010 "Cafe" Kreipe's Coffee Shop Lounge, Hannover


2008 “Pure Plastic” (café and lounge Coffeetime /Hannover), Verlagshaus Braun, Berlin


2008 “Modern Retro Interiors” (café and lounge Coffeetime /Hannover), Daab, Cologne/London/New York


2008 “Armstrong, Segmente-Ladenbau / segments-interior design”, (coffee bar and lounge Coffeetime), Stuttgart Germany


2008 “Armstrong reference book” (coffee bar and lounge Coffeetime), Stuttgart Germany


2007 “Cybercafes” (café and lounge Coffeetime /Hannover), PageOne, Singapore


2007 “Plastic Design,” (bar and lounge coffeetime, Hannover/Germany), Daab Publishers, Cologne/London/New York      


2007 Objekt, “Textile und elastische Beläge/textile and elastic floor materials” (coffee bar and lounge Coffeetime), Germany, May


2007 24 Stunden Gastlichkeit/24 Hours Hospitality, (coffee bar and lounge Coffeetime), Germany, April


2007 (café and lounge Coffeetime), online tour guide of competitively selected gastronomy, Germany


2007 Architektur Aktuell, “Böden/floors” (coffee bar and lounge Coffeetime), Vienna/Austria, May  


2005 DBZ,”Innenräume/Interiors” (coffee bar and lounge coffeetime/Hannover/Germany),Gütersloh/Germany, August


2005 AIT, "Coffeetime" Hannover.


2005 Contract World Magazine, "Coffeetime" Hannover.


2005 Spoon Magazine "Coffeetime" Hannover.


2004 db, "Coffeetime"



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