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2010 AIT Magazine 6/7 2010 "Pehlke Apartments Redux" , Hannover / Germany. Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Germay July


2010 GLAS (Farmhous Vogues Germany), Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Germany June


2009 GLAS (Heims flagship store Hannover Germany), Leinfelden-Echterdinge/Germany May


2009 AIT Magazine 7/8 2009, "Farmhouse Vogues" / redux of vernacular farm dwelling Bennigsen/ Germany, Leinfelden-Echterdingen/ Germany August


2008 AIT Magazine 5  2008, Passive House kindergarten ”, (postfossil ecowoodbox kindergarten  Hannover / Germany ),  
Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Germany, May


2007 AIT Magazine 6, “Preview issue 7/8 2007 Heimbs Flagship store”, (Heimbs flagship store Hannover Germany),  
Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Germany, Ma


2006 AIT Magazine 7 / 8, “Conversion of 1950´s icon residence”, (house K in Hannover Germany), Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Germany, July/August


2005 Area 79 - infrascape, “contemporary itinerary: infrastructure/a new European landscape”, (EXPO train stations), Milano/Italy, April


2005 C3 Korea, “Houses II” (house Fromm), Seoul/South Korea


2005 C3 Korea, “Public Space II” (EXPO train stations), Seoul/South Korea


2005 Architecture and Technik, (School for mentally disabled children), Schlieren/Switzerland, February


2004 TEC 21, (School for mentally disabled children), Zurich/Switzerland, October


2003 L`Architecture d`Aujourhui, “le bois/wood” (School for mentally disabled children), Paris/France, July-August


2001 Arquitetura & Urbanismo, (EXPO train stations), Sao Paulo/Brazil, July


2000 Revista Technica 9/2000, “Stations of the public transportation in Hannover by Klaus Dieter Weiß” (EXPO train stations), Lugano/Switzerland, September


2000 Architektur,”Mauerwerk-masonry”, (Kindergarden Sternheimweg/Hannover/Germany+ Military diner Stallberg/Germany), Perchtoldsdorf/Austria, December


2000 Architektur, “Verkehr/Traffic”, (EXPO train stations),Perchtoldsdorf/Austria, September


2000 Wallpaper /Nr. 28, „travel top 25/Nr. 7“(EXPO train stations), London/GB, May


2000 MD-Moebel Interior Design/Furniture Interior Design, (EXPO train stations), Stuttgart/Germany, May


2000 Architecture and Technik,”Punkte an der Linie/Points at the line”,(EXPO train stations), Schlieren/Switzerland, May


2000 Architektur Aktuell, „Passage öffentlicher Raum/Pontmaisons zur EXPO 2000“ (EXPO train stations), Vienna/Austria, January/February


1999 Architectural Review,“ar+d “award documentation,(EXPO train stations), London/GB, December


1999 Architectural Review,“ar+d judged“preview of award documentation with juror Billie Tsien featured in front of Martin Despang´s boards,(EXPO train stations), London/GB, November

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