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2009 db, "neu in..." (Krogmann headquarters Lohne/Germany). Stuttgart/Germany, October


2005 DBZ,”Innenräume/Interiors” (coffee bar and lounge coffeetime/Hannover/Germany),Gütersloh/Germany, August


2004 db,” Gewerbebauten-retail architecture” (neighbourhood grocery store Marienwerder/Hannover/Germany), Stuttgart/Germany, September


2004 DETAIL,”Serie 2004 1/2 Bauen mit Holz-Timber construction”(school for mentally disabled children), Munich/Germany, January/February


2004 Schöner Wohnen, “ Thermoholz-Heat modified timber” (school for mentally disabled children),Hamburg/Germany, November


2004 DBZ, “Bürobauten/commercial buildings”, (neighbourhood grocery store Marienwerder/Hannover/Germany), Gütersloh/Germany,



2003 Baumeister B4, “Holzbau/Timber architecture” (school for mentally disabled children Garbsen/Germany), Munich/Germany, April


2003 Hot & Cool-Architektur.Technik:Sport, (school for mentally disabled children Garbsen/Germany),
Lingen/Germany, February


2002 DBZ, “Verkehrsbauten/Infrastructural architecture” (sign posts Karlsruhe/Germany),Gütersloh/Germany, November


2001 DBZ,”Junge Architekten / young architects”, (statements about digital networking), Gütersloh/Germany, April


2001 Das Bauzentrum/Baukultur, (Chamber of Commerce Headquarters + House Dr. Fromm, Hannover/Germany), Darmstadt/Germany, January


2000 DBZ, “Verdichtetes Bauen/ urban density”, (board of trade headquarters Hannover/Germany), Gütersloh/Germany, October


2000 DBZ, “Wohnhäuser/Residences”, (House Dr. Fromm), Gütersloh/Germany,June


2000 Moebel Interior Design, (EXPO train stations Hannover/Germany), Stuttgart/Germany, May


1999 Baumeister, (EXPO train stations Hannover/Germany), Munich/Germany, March


1999 Das Bauzentrum/Baukultur, (club-wear store facade), Darmstadt/Germany, February


1999 Bauwelt,(EXPO train stations),Berlin/Germany, October


1999 DBZ, “Panorama” (EXPO train stations),Gütersloh/Germany, October


1998 Bauwelt,”Sparen im Kleinen/Saving within the Small”,(Kindergarten Sternheimweg Hannover),Berlin/Germany, May


1995 Wettbewerbe Aktuell/ Current Competitions, (documentation of 2. place in European wide competition Water and shipping direction east), Freiburg/Germany June



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